Tariff Local Codes

One of the key benefits in implementing a tariff was the need for better and more reliable commissioning data based on the existing statutory returns service providers are required to make to the PHE and DH Information Centre known as GUMCAD and SRHAD respectively. By supplementing these returns with a limited number of Tariff ‘Local Codes’ it is possible to identify nearly all the care activity delivered by service providers (that care not identified was accounted for in the Currency factor described earlier). 

The ‘Local Codes’ were developed by the Data Management Working Group and de-conflicted with the HPA and DH Information Centre. Service providers were therefore required to implement 9 ‘Local Codes’ in their data collection systems. Where necessary, the IT Systems providers supported the implementation of these local codes.

A comprehensive set of Behavioural Guidance was established to support their implementation.

We estimate that about 85% of Tariff charges are triggered by data taken directly from statutory reports already in place.

Tariff Local Codes

SRHAD Care Activity Codes