29L - Complex LARC Procedure

Complex Implant procedures:

  • Removal of deep or impalpable implant
  • Removal/Insertion of Implanon where a
  • previously attempted procedure of
  • removal/insertion had failed
  • Removal of implants not licensed in UK (e.g.
  • Norplant/Jadelle)

Complex IUD/IUS procedures:

  • IUD/IUS removal where previous attempt at removal has failed
  • IUD/IUS removal with missing threads
  • IUD/IUS insertion where previous attempt at
  • insertion has failed
  • IUD/IUS insertion in the presence of genital tract
  • anatomical abnormality (fibroids distorting uterine cavity, congenital uterine anomalies, cervical scarring due to previous cervical surgery, uterine scarring from previous multiple caesarean sections or myomectomy)
  • IUD or IUS insertion in the presence of complicating medical conditions (heart disease, epilepsy, anticoagulant therapy, extreme anxiety, learning disability)
  • Gynefix insertions

Record other SRHAD codes for Contraception Method status, Contraception Main method, Contraception Other method, contraception Method Postcoital and any other SRH Activity codes as per SRHAD guidance in addition to 29L code where necessary

Where ultrasound is performed in the clinic either for diagnostic purpose eg. to locate an impalpable Implant device/to locate an IUD with missing threads or to guide any of the above complex LARC procedures, it should be recorded as SRH care activity code 27 in addition the 29 L code.