3. What's Included and Excluded

The Integrated Sexual Health Tariffs include all sexual health services provided by specialist sexual health service providers:
  • All contraception provision
  • The management of sexually transmitted infections (testing, treatment,
  • partner notification) ie the activities covered by GUM PbR
  • Provision of PEPSE (excluding the drug costs)
  • Psycho-sexual medicine
  • Medical gynaecology
  • Pathway Analytics
  • Health education delivered in conjunction with clinical care e.g. safer sex advice.

and exclude:

  • CQUIN target payments
  • Termination of pregnancy procedures
  • The treatment and care of people with HIV
  • PEPSE drug costs
  • General health education and prevention work for example, sex education
  • lessons in schools
  • London 3rd Sector Providers (other regions have included them)