Tariff Grouper

Pathway Analytics has implemented a secure Grouper to convert activity data into tariff charges.  The centralised, web-based Grouper has the following benefits:
  • Securely hold an anonymised subset of SRHAD and GUMCAD data
  • Not distribute patient level data further than the provider service uploading it
  • In order to make the process as simple as possible
  • To automatically integrate the SRHAD and GUMCAD reports
  • To faithfully implement the complex Tariff payment triggers
  • Provide the secure basis for a tariff charging system
  • Central change management
  • Offer rapid tariff price changes to accommodate changes in clinical practice
  • Simultaneously distribute provider and commissioner data
  • To allow commissioners access to timely and relevant commissioning data
  • To allow commissioners to audit activity and identify ‘red’ flags with providers
  • To allow providers to benchmark their activity
  • To enable easy migration of the process to Local Authority commissioning

The Integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper also offers both commissioners and providers insights into their patient activity to support improved commissioning and service redesign.

The algorithm for implementing the Tariff is publically available and it is possible for Providers to replicate the process in an Excel spread-sheet. Indeed a number have replicated the tariff payment triggers in a spread-sheet to audit the Grouper service. However, by using local spread-sheets the extra added value of a centralised Grouper service would not be realised and there is always a risk they may not be correctly written.

How to Subscribe
Learn how to register for a Integrated Sexual Health Tariff Grouper account.
How to Upload
Learn how to upload your data to the Grouper, validate and  submit your data for tariff calculation.
How to Review
Learn how to use the Grouper to review charges as a commissioner or a provider.